Origami Frontend Components & Services


Origami components may be branded to provide a distinct appearance within different contexts. A brand may be thought of as a theme, but branded components may provide unique features as well as a distinct appearance.

Supported brands

Origami maintained brands include:

An example component

Taking o-table as an example, the “master” brand version offers a “row stripes” feature, which uses “master” brand colours such as “paper” and “wheat”:

The “internal” brand version also supports “row stripes” but uses a different colour palette:

The “whitelabel” brand does not support “row stripes” and therefore outputs no styles to support that feature:

Configure your project’s brand

The “master” brand is the default brand, but your project may use any of the provided brands. The brand is configured once and affects all components used by your project.

To select a brand within your project, see the tutorial for your method of including Origami components: