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Origami Newsletter, April 2019

Posted on by Lee Moody.
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TL;DR: This issue features improvements to the image service, a new table filtering feature, and two new browser polyfills.

Top three things

These are some of the bigger things we’ve worked on or released over the last month.

Origami Image Service

We maintain a group of image sets such as icons, logos, and headshot images for our journalists. They’re usually included in projects using the Origmai Image Service. This month we worked on improvements which allow us to publish updated images more quickly and reliably. We also moved the Image Service to it’s own Fastly service and enabled shielding, which makes us more resilient to spikes of traffic 🚀. These improvements have the added benefit of increasing our cache-hit-ratio which, when we gather more data, we hope to find reduces costs also.

Table Filtering

Last edition we announced an o-table beta with a new filter feature, this is now released as part of o-table@^7.3.0. See the demo in the registry and documentation in the README.

New Polyfills

We have released two new polyfills to the Polyfill Service this month: toggleAttribute and requestIdleCallback / cancelIdleCallback. 🎉

The requestIdleCallback method queues a function for when the browser is idle. It’s useful to schedule non-critical tasks so the browser is free to respond quickly to user input, animation, and other events where low latency is important.

Special thanks

A big thank you to the team(s) which made our move to Bracken House so smooth! We’re based on the lower ground floor, but you’ll also find us roaming the third floor and the swanky garden roof.

Broader update

A digest list of other things that have happened over the last month.