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Origami Newsletter, July 2019

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TL;DR: This issue talks about the summit, bundle sizes and how we saved $2000

Top three things

These are some of the bigger things we’ve done over the last month.

We had a Summit, and we have a roadmap

The team met up for the Origami Summit at Tootsie’s house, and discussed all the things we’d like to do this quarter. Rowan’s made an updated roadmap with what we’re going to work on, who’s taking the lead and when we expect to get it done.

Bundle size in Origami Repo Data

Lee added each component’s bundle size to the Origami Repo Data. Soon we’ll start surfacing this information on component pull requests. Another way for us to always be improving the performance of websites that use Origami.

Origami Navigation Data is $2000 cheaper a year

Jake wrote a tool called Static Site Fastly Deployer. It lets you host a static site entirely on Fastly’s infrastructure, with no back-end. It’s based on a similar tool by Fastly’s own Kate Flavel. And it’s already in use! It’s replaced the expensive S3 buckets from which we used to fetch the navigation data, saving us $170 a month!

A chart showing the cost drop in S3 requests in July, thanks to the static fastly navigation data
A chart showing the cost drop in S3 requests in July, thanks to the static Fastly navigation data

Special thanks

Our special thanks this month goes to the engineers on Comments team!

They’ve been thorough and thoughtful about the use of the specification, working closely with us and considering how the component fits into the wider Origami ecosystem.

So, thanks Glynn Phillips, Keran Braich and Tunca Bergmen!

Broader update

A digest list of other things that have happened over the last month.