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Origami Newsletter, September 2020

Posted on by Lee Moody.
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TL;DR: This issue features image service cost saving and promoted content teasers.

Top Things

These are some of the bigger things we’ve done over the last month.

Image Service Cost Savings

The Origami Image Service transforms images for many FT Group products, e.g. by format, quality, dimension, or tint. We noticed that lots of images included by our products are actually the exact same image, but hosted on a different URL. To optimise for this situation the Image Service now generates a key based on the image content. The key is compared against other images to avoid storing duplicates.

This work has saved at least ~$900 a month against our storage costs. Previously we stored 36 million images (3.34 Terabytes) which is now down to 7.8 million (0.49 Terabytes). 🎉

Partner Content Teaser

This month the Ads & Privacy team worked on a test to replace our paid post teasers with a new partner content teaser. The test was a success. According to Dan’s release email there was a 17% uplift in teaser click through rate; 7% uplift in median time spent on branded content pages; and a 110% uplift in the percentage of readers that were from internal traffic (compared to social media traffic drivers).

Following the successful test, the Origami team worked with the Ads & Privacy team to move the test implementation to the o-teaser component. This allowed us to document the change; remove related technical debt from projects; and roll out partner content teasers to more projects, including the app.

Special Thanks

Special thanks this week to the Ads & Privacy team, particularly Carles Andres, for their help in tidying up projects to release the new partner content teaser.

Broader Update

A digest of other things that have happened since our last update: