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Origami Newsletter, July 2021

Posted on by Lee Moody.
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TL;DR: New introduction to Origami sessions and special thanks.

Top Things

Here’s a belated July update for you – it’s the holiday season! ☀️

We’re reaching the end of our move from Bower to npm, a significant piece of work. Our focus now is on loose ends, bug fixes, and supporting teams across the organisation through the migration guide. But we’re also working on proposals for our next big project(s) – focused on reducing technical complexity, increasing cross-group collaboration, and supporting new product development (super exciting, watch this space).

If you have any feedback or questions about the Bower to npm migration please let us know in our #origami-support Slack channel or with an email to origami.support@ft.com.

New Introduction To Origami Sessions

We’ve scheduled new Introduction To Origami Sessions ✨

The first session is useful for anyone who works in Product and Technology – we cover things at a high level rather than diving into too many technical details. Come along if you’d like to learn more about Origami projects, their goal, the team, and how to get involved.

A second session explores components in more depth and includes technical details. It will be of particular interest to engineers and designers, although anyone is welcome:

If you’d like to hang back at the end to put some of what we learn into practice there will be an opportunity to run through a practical tutorial with some of the team on hand to answer any questions (optional)

We’ll be running the sessions Tuesday, 17th August from 10:30am (London time). Ask for an invite in the #origami-support Slack channel or with an email to origami.support@ft.com. 🙌

Special Thanks

Our special thanks this week goes to the Operations & Reliability team! The team have been working through the Bower to NPM / Build Service v3 migration and have been very helpful by asking questions, raising any issues, and giving feedback along the way. Thanks for helping us improve the migration experience for other teams 🎉

Broader Update

A digest of other things that have happened this month: