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Origami Newsletter, March 2022

Posted on by Lee Moody.
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TL;DR: A new Origami component ft-concept-button (:blobaww:); more accessibility fixes (:blob-hype:); an update on the Bower and Origami Build Service v2 migration (:blobhelp:).

Top things

Some of the bigger Origami news since our last update:

A new component, ft-concept-button

We have a new component, ft-concept-button! ft-concept-button was added to support the Accounts team build the new newsletters signup page. This component represents a number of exciting firsts. Nice work chee 👏

  1. The first new component to be added to the design team’s Figma UI Library ahead of implementation in Origami – big thanks to Ajai! 💪 We think this workflow is the correct way around. Origami aims to be the reference implementation of our design guidelines.
  2. The first component to be developed from scratch within Storybook.
  3. The first component to release public JSX templates for consuming projects to use.

You won’t find ft-concept-button in the Origami component registry right now. Instead take a look at our work in progress Storybook demos. We continue to add new demos for existing components there. Read our previous newsletter to learn why Storybook and JSX templates are an exciting addition to Origami components..

More accessibility improvements

We continue to work away at accessibility improvements to address issues raised by our Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC) audit. Jake has led on this work and shared his learnings along the way, which has been great. For example I’ve enjoyed using MacOS Voice Control to test an issue in o-forms demos where the form inputs accessible name and visible label do not match.

In case you haven’t seen it already the #accessibility Slack channel is a great place to ask questions and share tips and articles.

If you are thinking about organising an accessibility audit for your project, contact Rich Lewis or Guy Powell in the #accessibility-improvements Slack channel. DAC provide the FT with 10 hours per week for new audits and reviews, they can also provide suggestions for improvements and answer any accessibility related questions.

Update on the Bower and Origami Build Service v2 migration

There are only 3 months left to migrate from Origami Build Service V2 to V3 and migrate from the Bower to npm package manager. Apps which fail to migrate will break in July, a year after our initial announcement.

To learn more about the changes see the original announcement and guides on how to migrate products. We also have a migration tracker you may use to identify whether any of your systems are affected. I’m seeing a lot of projects from FT Core, FT Creative, FT Specialist there 👀 We’re continuing to reach out to teams and offer support, please let us know in the #origami-support Slack channel if you have any questions!

Special Thanks

Special thanks this week goes to Joanna Kao from the data journalism team for her work migrating the g-audio component from Bower to npm, and making a number of other improvements to bring it inline with current Origami standards. Thanks Joanna!

Broader update

A digest list of some other things that have happened recently: