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Origami Newsletter, February 2023

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TL;DR: Origami updates on its new components and work exploring options for a Multi-brand design system

Top things

Some of the bigger Origami news since our last update:

New component – o-multi-select

Akaki has been working with Designers to introduce a new component – o-multi-select. This component allows users to select multiple options from a list, building upon the browser’s native multi select capability. Will Renny has collaborated with us to provide guidance on design.

o-multi-select is near completion and will ship with TSX templates. It is planned to be released in the upcoming month.

the o-multi-select component

Multi-brand exploration

As Origami’s user base grows, it will naturally end up supporting more components. Specifically, more variations of existing components. This can sometimes end up with component fragmentation with teams copy/pasting existing components and styling to their needs.

Origami already supports multiple brands with ft-core, internal, and whitelabel branding. With the Origami team planning support for the FT Professional brand, we have been exploring ways in which we can scale the rollout of new brands. Fortunately, there are tools which can help us spin up new brands quicker and introduce more variations of existing components. Another key question for us is how can we provide design tooling to match engineering tooling.

The Origami team has been exploring some of the options in February. Exploration will continue with a proof of concept being delivered next.


As an enablement team, we collaborate with a lot of multi-disciplinary teams across the FT Group. We want to ensure our shared tracked work is visible across all disciplines in Product and Technology, and our current board for tracking, GitHub, is less familiar to people outside of engineering. In light of this, we have begun using Jira to track our shared work so that our collaborators have better visibility on what we do.

Our new board can be accessed through Jira.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to; Will Renny for their contributions to o-multi-select; Juan Sanchez, Alberto Cubero Navas, Phil Hunt, for their contributions throughout February.

Broader update

A digest list of some other things that have happened in February: