Documentation site

How this documentation is organised

We have four different types of documentation:

  1. Tutorials: these will help you get a quick start with some part of Origami. They’re designed to help anyone (developers, designers, product people) get Origami working. They’re ideal for beginners. Tutorials have a Tutorial label.
  2. Guides: these cover a particular topic in more detail.
  3. The Spec: all Origami components conform to a specification. You don’t need to read or understand it to use Origami, but it’s helpful for understanding more advanced areas of Origami.
  4. READMEs: component specific documentation is kept with each component either in the Registry for modules, or on the service domain for services.

This site is the home for general purpose tutorials and guides and the spec.

Read more sections

So you can get started as quick as possible, some tutorials skip over concepts that you might want to read more about later. These concepts are particularly important if you want to use Origami in production sites. In places where we’re skipping some details, there will be a section like this:

Getting help

If you have any questions about using Origami in your project, you can email origami.support@ft.com or raise an issue on the repo. Users at the FT can contact us via the #ft-origami channel on Slack.

Modules, Services, Best practices

Our developer documentation is divided into three topics: