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Metrics format

All Origami web services are encouraged to emit metrics over TCP to the FT graphite service. Metrics keys are heirarchical, delimited by dots, and the first two levels are standardised:


Your appName must be the common name of your application, which should be the name of your code repository, the CMDB name and the first token of the service’s hostname. The appName must distinguish the application from any other services run by the FT.

The envName must be a name describing the environment on which the instance of the application is running. Each environment must be reported using a unique environment name. The naming of each environment is left up to the developer.

Both appName and envName must match the PCRE pattern /^[a-z0-9\-]{3,}$/.


The following shows some examples of metrics formatted using the plaintext protocol and named in compliance with the standard above:

polyfill-service.qa.useragentcount.chome.40 735 1424112224
polyfill-service.prod.memory 58915263 1424112224