Origami Frontend Components & Services

Code Structure & Languages

The Origami component specification is now deprecated. How Origami components are built is under active development and may change as Origami tooling and services are updated too. This is a non-normative reference for contributing to or creating new components.


Origami components contain an origami.json file at the top of the component’s directory structure, with the type property set to "component". The origami.json manifest documentation covers the contents of this file.

Naming conventions

A component’s name is used in the package.json, URLs, and CSS class names, so they:

Package management

Origami components are installable with the npm package manager.

As well as following the package.json specification, components also include a:


A component should have a README.md file at its root.

When a new major version of a component is released a migration guide should be written to help users upgrade from the previous release. The migration guide is added to a MIGRATION.md file in the root of the component’s codebase, and is linked to from the component’s README.md.