Origami Frontend Components & Services

Including Components In Your Project

How you choose to include Origami components in your project will depend on your projects’ requirements:

Origami Build Service

The Build service is best for quick projects or static sites or things where performance is less of a concern. This build method will fetch the Origami CSS and JavaScript as external files for your webpage. Be aware that this will indiscriminately fetch all stylistic variations of a component, which will increase your file size.

If you would like help with this, you can visit the Origami Build Service tutorial.

Package Manager (npm)

In order to customise your page and have more granular control over a components stylistic and behavioural features build Origami components manually. We currently do this by installing Origami components from the command line via the npm package manager. This process relies on a build step, which you may already have in your project.

If you would like help with this, you can visit the Package Manager (npm) tutorial.