Origami Frontend Components & Services


Origami components are designed for more than one FT product. We have a ‘branding solar system’ that focuses on the FT website, but that is flexible enough to accommodate other products as they move further and further away from the standard FT brand.

Because our products are for customers and for internal use, we want to provide a consistent brand experience where a product can always be identified as belonging to the Financial Times to some degree.

This is where Origami has a strong role — our components are developed alongside our design team, so that the consistency is present. The purpose of our components is to provide reusable code, so that you might write less code but get the same stylistic result as other FT products.


If your product requires a particular element, e.g. a button, be sure to visit the Origami component registry, to find out whether that component exists within the Financial Times’ brand solar system. By using an Origami component, you’ll benefit from regular updates and maintenance without having to write much code on your own. When the component gets updated, it will update for all of the products that use the component.


Our services provide consistency, as well. The Image Service, for example, gives you access to brand-appropriate logos, social media icons and font files. That way, you can ensure you’re always aligned to the rest of the products under the FT umbrella.